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July 27, 2009

Hey, Joe Wilson!

Hey, Joe Wilson. How's it going? I never had a chance to say goodbye back then, so I thought I'd write you a little something here. Summers always make me remember you all the more. You meant so much to me and I wish I could tell you more in person...although I suspect you probably already knew.

I miss the regular breaks you had to take. I miss the wisdom you would impart on so many different levels when you spoke. I always loved your humble honesty of everything. I never really got the chance to tell you all of 'it,' but I told you enough - as much as you wanted to hear, anyway. And you would listen to all of the important stuff, every single time. You accepted me into the dinner group. We had so many good conversations. I probably never told you enough how much I admired you. Then again, I think we had a very clear unspoken bond.

At least I had a chance to tell you the next starting point and I'll never forget our last conversation.  I just wish I knew it was our last.  I honestly remember every syllable of it. Thanks for your blessing, we are still doing great.

I missed you enough that we paid a tribute to you in our wedding. And then part of your name is one of our kid's - little did we know at the time, the most spirited of the kids. I really do thank you for having so profound of an effect on my life. I wish I would have told you that better. I hope you knew that. And I hope you know how many times I wish I could share this crazy insane journey with you. You would have laughed. I have so many stories that would have made you laugh again and again.

Wherever you are, please know how much you are missed. You will never be far from my heart.

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July 10, 2009

I'm Just Sayin...

Really, I do have so many things to talk about. To write about. Even if it's only for my own sanity. But damn if life isn't kicking me in the ribs lately, and then some.

Too many stressors at once, and I hate to be a complainer.  This is my outlet and I used to want - TO NEED - to write it out here, as it made me feel better.  The part that scares me is I haven't even wanted to do that.

I have it all in my head, but for whatever reason, it hasn't been comfortable to release it here.  Instead I've been doing other things like random trivia or watching ONLY things on the DVR that make me laugh.

I'm hoping things will change soon...

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