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May 27, 2009

A Picture is Worth How Many Words?

I've been reminiscing of late.  Going through old pictures, old memories in my mind, times and people from the past.  Mostly I've come to terms with those I've lost to death.  Their pictures now bring me comfort and smiles of good times, as they should.  Don't get me wrong, I still feel that pang of sadness from their passing, but I've come to that place where I like to see the pictures now.  I like to have that visual to reinforce the visions in my own head.  It reinforces the memories I have, and keeps them closer to me.

Life is now going by so quickly having kids of my own, that I am beginning to cherish those memories all the more.  Cherish all of the silly things the kids do that I can't tell those particular loved ones.  Seeing the pictures that captured their personalities helps me remain close to them.  It helps me tell my own kids about all the wonderful people that they will never know.  I imagine, probably quite accurately, what their responses and reactions would be to the things I wish I could call to share with them.  I love the pictures!

But unfortunately, there are other pictures I come across that literally rip my heart into shreds.  I won't elaborate here because I want to respect their privacy, but I'm just going to say this much along with the picture.  This picture is worth so many words that I want to say, that I should say, but that I ALREADY have said.  This picture was taken on such a happy day and it literally kills me to think of fast forwarding a mere 4 years down the road and how much life would be different.  Different for everyone.  And the ever stupid optimistic soul that I am, I'm still hoping for some sort of similar picture down the road. 

No matter now, this picture makes me cry *every* time.  Oh, the thousand words I could say.

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