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Sleep Deprivation

So we just got back from Mexico, and something was made blatantly clear to me while away: I am seriously sleep deprived.  The first night there, I slept about 7 hours straight and when I woke up, I couldn't believe it.  I hadn't remembered feeling like that in ages.  My mind was clear, I was in a good mood, and ready to get up to face the day.  Then I realized that after a solid four months of having an atrocious cough that had people taking a step away from me, I stopped coughing.  I had been on medicine after medicine trying to feel better, but nothing was working.

I knew I was really tired, but now that I've taken a step back, I can really understand just how tired.  Tired enough to make - and keep - me physically sick is troublesome.  It's troublesome because the source of my sleep deprivation is a 3 1/2 year old, and I don't know how to fix this situation.

When the trio were babies, we were slaves to the schedule, because it worked.  When it was time to sleep, the kids knew it and it was never any trouble.  They are still awesome sleepers to this day.  My little one, well, we kept to a schedule but it didn't govern our life as before.  She never slept as well, and it was really ok when she was a baby because there was only one of her.  After she moved to her big bed from the crib, she would wake up now and then but it wasn't crazy.  Now she's up in the middle of the night more than not, and she always requires me to snuggle her and to have a drink of milk.  I let her have a pacifier longer than I wanted and that is really the only thing I can pinpoint that could be different.  She's still got her other things she likes to sleep with, but they must not soothe her the way her pacifier did.

I just can't figure out how she functions so well with this sleeplessness!

My nightly slumber is nothing more than a series of naps.  People need a solid chunk of sleep in order to function.  Your body and mind must be allowed to reset itself.

The effects of my rest are quickly rubbing off.  Five nights of sleep can't make up for the huge sleep debt I've got going, especially since my first two nights back have been once again nothing but a series of naps.  I really, really REALLY don't want to get sick again, especially since I have to have surgery in the next couple of weeks.  I want nothing more than just to go to bed at night, and wake up refreshed in the morning...at least more nights than the alternative.  Is that really too much to ask?


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