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May 16, 2007

Let me catch my breath...

Ok, ok, ok.  Since the last few entries, there have been a few significant changes.  In fact, if I wasn't still trying to catch my breath, something to do with changes would have instead been the title.  Who likes dealing with significant change?  It's hard?!?!  It's hard for anyone.  It's what I like to call an 'uncomfortable adjustment.'  To follow the so-called rules of blogging, I will not mention any company names or for that matter, the person affected; I will just spew out a bunch of changes that have gone down in the past week:

  • An employer (of someone we know) has agreed to be bought out by another
  • This is scary
  • Said employee affected is very, very worried
  • Part time work has always still equaled full time responsibility and thus, full time worry
  • Another has just changed positions within their employer
  • This is _____ (enter your adjective here; mine changes too frequently to commit to just one, but while you are reading, note my very correct use of the words "to and too," as well as commas - sorry, this is an unnecessary tangent)
  • Said employee affected is both excited and anxious...and the list continues from there
  • Where was I?
  • Oh, yes.  I couldn't get a picture, but merely THREE days after I took the photo of the gas prices, they shot up to $3.49 a gallon.  I immediately searched the news for some awful tragedy in the universe to provoke such a substantial rise, but found nothing.  Nothing.
  • Can I continue to complain about gas for a while, because it's really pissing me off?!
  • And job situations...gas prices....tummies to feed...limbs to clothe...bottoms to diaper...
  • Stay with me.  Life is so full of crazy and uncontrollable change all the time.  What can a person do?  Try our best, one day at a time is what I know.  Let's do a happier item.
  • My post on Motherhood is not the end all on that subject.  I have so much more to say on that topic.  Those particular thoughts were on my mind simply because I have two friends who have been battling with infertility for a while now, and conveniently, they are both expecting as I type.  I feel victorious for them.
  • I have re-read some of my past blog entries and am completely appalled at my use of the present vs past tense!
  • The future could hold something new.
  • Sigh........

Ok, that's it for this entry already.  I am not going to edit it any more because I am tired, and dammit, it's time for bed now.

Breathe in, breathe out..........

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May 14, 2007


Being that yesterday was Mother's Day, now would be a good time to have this entry.  I am a mom to four incredible children.  That makes me happier than I could ever adequately describe.  Sometimes people hear 'four children, comprised of triplets plus one,' and it strikes terror in their hearts.  But they just don't understand.  It's a dream come true for me.

It's hard for people to understand what infertility does to a person unless you've experienced it firsthand.  You can imagine how hard it may be to want a baby and have problems achieving this goal, but you cannot understand how it tears up your very soul.  Most people take procreation for granted.  After all, you hear all the time how druggies have babies, how babies are abandoned, how many people are completely unworthy of being a parent.  Surely people who have their acts together, have a good marriage and a stable environment for a child would have no issues, right?  It just wouldn't be fair.

It's not.  It's worse than unfair.  In fact, it makes you question the very nature of the universe.  It makes you resent your own body.  It makes you a basket case.  It hurts worse than you could even describe.  And it is something that will stay with you your whole life.

But I won.  At the point they told me I was expecting triplets, there was nothing left for me to feel other than joy.  I didn't even care about any hardships of caring for three babies at once; I was just elated to finally be on my way to having my own family.  Besides, I always wanted a big family anyway, so this would get me there quick!  ;-)

Sure, there were hard times, days I thought I would collapse, moments I would wonder what I was doing.  But that Mother's day 5 years ago when I had three healthy and happy babies, I couldn't have felt luckier.  How incredibly blessed was I?  Then Mother's day last year had me with yet another miracle.  One I had always hoped for, but thought could never happen, yet there she was.  The one who completed it all and was the catalyst for more change in my life.  Because of her, I was able to go down to part time work from home and be there for so much more of my children's lives.  Sure, with that came sacrifices, but in the end, it's all worth it.

So now here was my 6th Mother's day as a mommy.  Know what?  It just keeps getting better.  No doubt parenting is the hardest job in the world, but it's also the best by far.  I truly enjoy my children.  I cherish the time spent with them.  I love the little people they are becoming.  I am in awe daily that I was trusted to raise these little individuals.  I love being their mommy more than anything else in the world.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's day.  And I sincerely hope you are enjoying motherhood as much as I am.

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May 11, 2007


This picture is not photoshopped in any way whatsoever.  And it wasn't taken in the Loop either, so I know it could even be worse.  However, this is simply unacceptable:

Gas Prices

I mean seriously, WTF?!?!  What is going on here?  And why isn't anyone doing anything to stop it?  I wish I could do something.  I have a large family and there isn't much I can do about driving a Suburban, especially one that is paid off.  For crying out loud, this has got to stop.  There is little else right now that can invoke this much anger in me.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Why isn't this a huge deal to everyone else?  Can't we all figure out some plan to make this crap stop? 



And completely unrelated, I can't stop looking at the Camel advertisement.  Who the heck smokes Camels?  $3.81 a pack?  Why don't we just up the price of those Camels to...say...$4.81 a pack and lower gas prices by a buck a gallon?  If people want to slowly kill themselves, make more money off of them rather than the rest of us who are just trying to get to the store to buy groceries!


Got that off my chest. 

Sorry if anyone reading smokes and feels offended.  Me and lung cancer aren't real good buddies either...

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May 09, 2007

My Latest Addiction

Ok, I'll admit...I am addicted.

To Crocs.

Maybe I'm a 'crockhead?'  Whatever.  I just know I love these shoes.  I absolutely love them.

I don't seem to jump on a bandwagon right away.  In fact, I just recently got my first pair of Crocs.  Then I got some more...and if I had more money at the moment, I'd buy some more...

I also splurged a little and got Jordyn the cutest pair ever made.  How could I possibly resist these:


I had no self control.  Too cute, had to have them.  I am telling you, these shoes are so awesome.  They are just so comfortable.  It's like walking around with little clouds on your feet.  And now, the new Bass Pro Shop that opened up by us sells them.  I can get them even easier!  I think I need a raise to feed my addiction.

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May 04, 2007


We love Shrek.  The kids love watching both movies, and in fact, we saw the second one 4 times in the theater.  That was the summer we were living with friends as our house was being built.  The kids get so excited when a commercial comes on for "Shrek the Third" because they cannot wait to see it.  I'll even admit, I like the Shrek movies as well.  We know that Shrek and Fiona are going to have a baby from the preview.  Well, today I found out that it's even better than that:


Shrek's Triplets!

You can find the whole story and more pictures here.

How completely awesome!  Triplets!  The kids got the biggest kick out of that.  Now let's see what triplet humor is invoked.  Hmm, did Fiona 'take drugs?'  I wonder if she'll be put on bedrest?  Will she push the babies in a Runabout?  Will she, too, want a tummy tuck after the pregnancy?

Ok, ok, I know it's a cartoon movie, but come on.  This is just too funny.  Probably this household's favorite kids' movie and there will be triplets involved.  I love it!!!  :-)

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