The Beginning

As most infertility stories begin, mine starts with the happy decision of starting a family.  My husband and I were ready.  We had waited until we got a house and I finished grad school, and we were both anxious to bring children into our lives.  I had been ready months before, but I knew the best thing to do was wait until school was over (we technically started trying while I was still finishing up, but I knew I would be done in a matter of months).  So we began our attempts with happy hearts and beautiful dreams of being parents.  Being practically a medical clone of my mother, I assumed that I would take after her fertility as well and have no problems.  I had read that it could take up to a year for any success, but I scoffed at such would never take me that long.

After our decision, I had my yearly exam and everything checked out ok.  I went off the pill the very next cycle and per my doctor's recommendation, decided to give my body three months of "natural" cycles and begin prenatal vitamins.  I was on the pill for severely painful periods, so I was not looking forward to the three months to come.  To my surprise, my body went on a 26-27 day cycle from the very first month.  My periods were very bad just as I expected, but I was happy that at least regularity was my friend.  I knew the proper timing of 'fertility,' so in June, we were ready for our first attempt.

Well, it turns out that I was right.  It didn't take that long for me to conceive.  But what happened next changed my life forever...

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