February 22, 2008

Certifiably Happy

I am once again a certified dork.  I passed a certification exam for my job.  I am now a CVE, which stands for Certified Videoconference Engineer.  I am happy about this accomplishment.  I am most happy that my new job is going so well.  I am going to be insanely busy at work no doubt, but it's in a good way (or so I hope!).  I feel like a part of my brain has awoken again.  I feel like I'm part of a great team, a part of something successful and exciting.  I am amazed at what a good fit this position is for me.  It is the perfect balance of technical and customer interaction.  The technology is fun!  I am eating up all of this knowledge like crazy, and I love it!  Also, I have finally gotten over the slips of saying the name of my former company when I refer to where I work. 

Actually, a good tangent here.  That slip up really bothered me.  More times than I care to admit, I would be taking to someone and accidentally say former company's name instead of new company.  Every time it happened, I felt scorned and very annoyed.  Now I am pleased to say that I no longer do this.  It is now natural to say new company's name.  I guess it was 7 years of habit that had to be broken.  But back to the good stuff. 

I am happy.  Certifiably happy.

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December 17, 2006

Help(?!) and Enjoy the Week

Ok, we are now 8 short days away from Christmas.  I took some vacation time, so there are only 4 more working days of the year left for me....I am desperate.  Someone has to know someone who knows someone, right?


I am trying to develop a database that seemed simple in concept, but is proving to be more complex in theory.  I am not a programmer by nature, so I am flying by the seat of my pants using some prior knowledge and online resources.  I am stuck right now.  Specifically my problem lies in trying to do a Query by Form (QBF) and passing the results along to another form.  The only resources I can find that are even close involve code that is WAY over my head.  I'm pretty fast to catch on to most things, but this is beyond me.  There has to be another way.  For goodness sakes, I can pass the QBF along to a query and that works just fine, it's just that I need it to bring up a form instead!  PLEASE INTERNET, someone out there HELP ME!  I really wanted to get this database rolling before the end of the year but I don't see a way around this roadblock.  Thanks!

OK.....Aside from that, wow, 8 days...probably down to 7 or less as some of you read this...until Christmas.  I cannot believe it.  Part of that saddens me.  I just don't want this time of year to end.  But I guess we all have to find a way to carry over the happiness and joy into the long winter months that lie ahead.  I did take off some time from work so I can fully enjoy the remainder of the holiday season doing what I love best: spending time with family and friends, cooking, baking, reiminscing, driving around looking at lights; the whole nine yards.

We visited with Aaron's family last weekend (weekend of 12/8) and most of the weekend was very fun.  We exchanged gifts with my family (currenly in TN - they drove up to visit us) which was a blast.  All 4(!) of my siblings were there, along with my mom and my brother's long time girlfriend.  Our visits are always too short and too far in between for me, but it was a great time while it lasted.  Aaron's parents were generous enough to let us use their basement to celebrate, and it was very appreciated.

We also celebrated our neice Emily's 2nd birthday.  Can't believe she's already 2!  We ran out of time so we weren't able to open all our gifts with Aaron's family, but at least we were able to swap so nobody has to worry about sending them through the mail.  However, the one gift that we did want opened by the grandparents was a web cam.  Aaron and I have been using them since he travels so much, and it's great.  We decided that this year, all the grandparents would get a web cam, and it will be so much fun to talk AND SEE everyone!  I forsee lots of fun conversations in our future.  Remember growing up and watching the Jetsons?  It's pretty cool.

This current weekend, I finished up our Christmas cards.  Holy cow, it is amazing how many people are on our list.  It really warms my heart.  But of course the best part for me is checking the mailbox.  I love all the cards we receive most of all!  I am such a sap.  But that's ok; that's what makes me, me.  And that 'me' is going to do my best to make this Christmas a special one for my family.  And that's why I need to have the time off with please, someone help me with my work problem so I can put it to rest?!  ;-)  (pretty please?)

So everyone, please enjoy this next week.  It's going to go way too fast for us all!  "It's a Wonderful Life" will join the Christmas movie rotation now.  Gotta save the best for last.  It really IS a wonderful life...I hope it is in your world as well.


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