December 03, 2007

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

If you haven't heard of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, well, you may be wrong.  They have some of the best Christmas music out there.  You can check out their web site and the intro will play one of my favorites with a little slide show.  And perhaps you saw this creative light display on YouTube last year, which is set to TSO music, and is modeled after the way TSO uses lights in their concerts.  Actually, if you are so inclined, you can search YouTube and there are quite a few videos posted that people have taken from their shows.  They don't do them justice (my, how could they), but it will give you a small inkling into what happens at their shows.  It's in one word -- phenomenal.

There is no way to describe it, really.  They are very talented, and use such powerful music and voices coupled with an amazing light display...add in some snow, some fire, some fireworks, and you are transported into a magical world.  Anyone who likes music would love their show, and I highly recommend seeing their Christmas production if you ever have the opportunity.  I know I hope to go again next year!

There is just something so magical about music.  Music can communicate on such a different level than anything else.  And there is really something awesome about their music in particular.  Now when I hear their songs, I will recall how awesome it was to be in their little world for those three hours.

And my hubby enjoyed this immensely better than the year we went to see the Joffrey Ballet's version of The Nutcracker.  I think he was slightly skeptical at first (I mean, "Orchestra" is in the name), but was more than pleasantly surprised.  Now we are looking forward to the kids getting older and sharing the experience with them!

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February 27, 2007


Holy rusted metal, Batman!  If you have been watching Heroes as this household has been, you will know that last night's episode was abso-flippin-lutely incredible!!!!!!!  I am also a longtime Lost fan, but come on JJ Abrams and crew, *THIS* IS HOW IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

What a story.  What a great show.  It's fun to be so drawn in to the characters and the story like this...that's truly great writing.  It takes a lot to get me this involved in a television series.  But geez, hat's off to Heroes.  The writers, the actors, all of them.  I LOVE IT!  It makes me look forward to Monday nights so I can watch a new episode!

If you aren't watching, you are really missing out.  Go to the website and start catching up now!  There are even little comic book stories for even more info on the characters.  Awesome.

Did I mention how much I love this show?


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