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January 22, 2008


Will the owner of this blog puh-leaze post a new entry?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Ok, I know I am not that important and you probably didn't miss me all that much, but I like reading blogs myself and when people have extended absences, you start to wonder.

I have been so incredibly busy this month, I have barely slept.  To put it to numbers, as of today, I have slept in my own house exactly 6 nights, plus 2 that are questionable.  By that I mean I have gotten home unnaturally late after long and delayed flights, so even combined, they maybe add 1/4 of a night.  It's the 22nd of the month.  That's a lot of time gone.

What have I been doing?  The worldwind tour of training after training after training, and then an annual sales kickoff meeting.  Truth be told, I should be with the rest of my 'new hire cohort' in Denver right now, but Aaron had to travel for work.  I thought 8 nights straight was tough (with less than 48 hours in between the prior week's stretch), and they have to do 12.  Last night I went to bed just after 2 am (thank you snowy winters), and Aaron woke up just after 4 am for his trip.  There is some tag team parenting for you.

It's been hard to be away from my family for this long, but I am happy to say that it's at least been time very well spent.  I have learned a ton, and equally as important, have met A LOT of people.  It has reinforced that this was a good move for me to make.  This was the right time to join this company and there are a lot of exciting things happening.  Additionally, I was able to help pull together a presentation to our very own CEO...and we rocked!  That's a pretty awesome feeling.  I am impressed with my new coworkers and really psyched about this next phase in my professional career.  At least this intense travel is temporary, and has been worth it.

Severe asthma attack in San Diego aside, it all went well (and Randy, I cannot say it enough: THANK YOU!)  Not only work and learning, but fun to boot.  Oh, not to mention being in a climate that was conducive to eating lunch OUTSIDE every day.  IT IS JANUARY, PEOPLE!  And since I haven't been home much this month, I will take no more additional time for now, but leave you with a picture instead:


Um, yeah.  What do you think I've been doing in my free time?

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