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February 27, 2007


Holy rusted metal, Batman!  If you have been watching Heroes as this household has been, you will know that last night's episode was abso-flippin-lutely incredible!!!!!!!  I am also a longtime Lost fan, but come on JJ Abrams and crew, *THIS* IS HOW IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

What a story.  What a great show.  It's fun to be so drawn in to the characters and the story like this...that's truly great writing.  It takes a lot to get me this involved in a television series.  But geez, hat's off to Heroes.  The writers, the actors, all of them.  I LOVE IT!  It makes me look forward to Monday nights so I can watch a new episode!

If you aren't watching, you are really missing out.  Go to the website and start catching up now!  There are even little comic book stories for even more info on the characters.  Awesome.

Did I mention how much I love this show?


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February 21, 2007

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs

1 Aaron sometimes makes fun of the signs I have around the house.  He says we live in a "fortune cookie" house.  That would only be true if I had a sign that said: "Man who fart in church, sit in own pew" and I don't.  However, what I do have is this particular sign:


I knew I liked this sign, because there are days I read it as a reminder.  However, I think it was just a premonition to what the sign should REALLY say:

Thankful, really 

(please pardon my crappy Photoshop work; surely you understand that there isn't enough leisure time for me to make it better than that at the moment)

I think the sign is rather fitting.  Anyone else want one?

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February 17, 2007

Forward Thinking

According to this site, Jimmy Buffett tickets are going on sale next Monday, and the show in Tinley Park at the "never-ending name changing stadium formerly known as The World" will be July 21.  Oh, yeah!


Now that's me looking around for a babysitter....

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February 15, 2007

Thursday Banter

I hope you all had a happy Valentine's day.  Mine was very nice.  I spent it with my favorite valentines all of whom live in my house.  I cooked a nice steak dinner on my trusty grill pan and was once again thankful for my interest in cooking (going out for dinner?  I usually end up disappointed these days).  BTW, if you don't have a grill pan, you really should get one...they are wonderful!  The kids ate way too much candy from their valentine exchange at school, but that is ok since it's a rare treat.  I was quite astounded at the very elaborate valentines most of the participants exchanged.  I just bought plain ones without candy, and I was in the minority there.  I guess you live and you learn.  I ended the day watching an interesting episode of Lost.  Oh, I also posted two new pictures to the Picture Album if you want to see them.  The kids all look curiously mature and I am wondering how they are growing up so fast before my eyes.

Possibly most exciting for me, and this perhaps makes me a dork but I don't care, is that I received my AeroGarden yesterday.  I am psyched about this thing.  I am in a Cooking Club and they had a promotion on it - free shipping, no payments until May, pay in 4 installments interest free if you so desire.  Hey, I can swing that!  I promptly set it up and the kids were interested in it too.  I really hope it works as well as it's advertised.  I would love to have an abundance of fresh herbs right at my fingertips.  I cook with them all the time, and I can only imagine how convenient and yummy they will be growing right on my kitchen counter!  We have SO much wildlife in our neighborhood that I just haven't felt like dealing with an outside garden, so this is perfect.

In other news, we now have about 8 inches of snow on the ground.  Tuesday was another snow day for the schools.  The weather is really working us this year!  Poor Aaron was in southern Illinois for work, and he drove home during the worst of it.  A normal 4 hour drive took him 7 hours, and then he promptly got stuck in our driveway.  No four wheel drive for him.

So did anyone get or give anything special for Valentine's day?

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February 10, 2007

Baby, it's cold outside...

I hate to keep repeating my dismay with the weather, but DAMN it's cold outside.  If it ever gets above freezing again, I think I will run around in shorts it will feel so warm.  It's not so bad if it's just adults dealing with it, but getting all the kids all bundled up like the little brother Randy in A Christmas Story is a major pain in the backside.  And now I lost a mitten of Haley's.  Do I have a spare pair?  Can't find any small enough in this house (remember, when the kids were this size, Aaron was POSITIVE we were done having kids, so I didn't really hold on to much).  So I thought, well surely I can find some when out doing my weekly shopping, right?  No.  Even though our temperatures are barely even double digits with windchills plunging to dangerous levels, there are bathing suits and shorts now adorning the stores.  Well, maybe a nice bikini set will keep her little fingers safe from frostbite, ya think?

But on a happier note, while we were shopping, we got to meet and get a signature from Chicago Bear Rod Wilson (59).  Not all that bad to look at, and he was a really nice guy.  The girls were with me, and he thought it was really cute how Haley was giving me a high five and a belly bounce when I said "Touchdown!"  And when she even sees the Bears C or the Bears head, she starts getting excited.  His comment was he was glad to see us starting them out young!  Hey, when you have to go grocery shopping, there's nothing better than running into a Chicago Bears linebacker...even if his career hasn't been especially impressive so far.  When he hits it even bigger, I have his signature!  ;-)

Other news?  Anna Nicole Smith dies suddenly after she has a baby, and her son dies unexpectedly.  An astronaut goes mad, prompting the screening process of the mental health of astronauts (see, I never would have made it).  People are still afraid to eat spinach.  Some places in New York had over 100 inches of snow.  Who will be our next presidential nominees?  While waiting for the school bus to drop off the kids, I watched a coyote casually walk down the street and duck in to an open garage when a car was approaching.  Michelle Duggar is pregnant again, with #17?  Will the Cubs suck again this year?  Hmm, well, I guess things sitting here at my computer in the kitchen aren't really all that exciting in the big picture, now are they?  ;-)

Well, here's something cute for you to enjoy.  Don't be afraid to click on the link, it's 100% kid friendly and safe for all eyes.  Don't worry, I wouldn't lie on my own blog.

Now I must go outside to get the mail in the -10 degree windchill...

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February 07, 2007

This Entry Brought to you by the Letter "P"

If you wanted to see Prince's Superbowl performance, here is on YouTube (edited to add: WAS a link - I'll find another one later when I'm not as busy).  I did not make this myself, I just went out and found it to spare you the trouble.  I am sure most of you out there wanted to see it again, so you are welcome.  ;-)  I've been amused at reading some of the discussions regarding his performance and the infamous 'scene.'  Read in to the title of this post what you will, I will not indulge.  Sometimes a guitar is just a guitar...or is it?

On other topics, I have been enjoying the American Idol auditions as usual.  I still find it either sad or amusing how many people completely suck, yet still feel the need to try and belittle the judges in order to make themselves feel better.  As if they really care what insults you sling at them?  Come on.  Letter P's for them?  Pathetic, putrid, perturbed...just to name a pitiful few.

And I feel the need to proclaim that I am immensely enjoying the new series Heroes.  I don't really watch a ton of programs (and those that I do are watched via DVR - oh my goodness who wants to watch commercials other than the preferred few during the Superbowl?).  However, those programs I do watch have produced my loyalty.  My current preferences, as if you really give a poop, are: Heroes, Lost (back on tonight - something better start progressing the story a bit more), American Idol, House, AFV (submitted our premier video and I hope the comedians of the family can win us plenty of bucks) and Ugly Betty.  Aaron and I are a perfect pair and he watches all of these with me with the exception of Ugly Betty.  I am so pleasantly surprised at the comedy of that show.  It's flippin' hilarious!  The last episode was particularly funny to me and I even made Aaron watch a scene ("..you gotta ride that squishy train...").  Priceless!

But anyway, that paragraph was a tangent.  Heroes, yes.  What a show!  I suppose you must have a liking for science fiction-y type of things, but I think it's a wonderful, incredibly written show.  Man, I don't remember liking a show so much, truthfully!  Not something to watch with the fam like some of my faves, but something Aaron and I profusely anticipate every Monday night.  If you haven't been watching, go catch an episode on NBC's web site and see for yourself.  P's for Heroes?  Perfect!

That all said, what are you watching?  Or what do you do to unwind?  These few things are my way to chill out after all the chitlins are in bed peacefully snoozing, one still with a pacifier.  I read here and there too...any profound books out there currently that I should check out (aside from a dictionary to find more letter p's)?

And how many letter p's were in this post?

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February 05, 2007

So sad...

After the first 17 seconds of the game, I really thought we could pull it off.  But alas, we did not keep up the momentum and succumbed to the Colts.  So sad.  Thanks for a great season though, Bears.  It was a fun ride.  I sure hope we do not have to wait another 21 years for the chance again.

In case you don't know, I am a faithful Prince fan, and I have to say, his performance at half time was awesome.  That man still has it!  He's such a talented guy.  A fact for you: he taught himself how to play a ton of instruments.  Oh, and he is 48 (while watching this question came up and I was surprised I couldn't remember offhand).  He's just got such a sexiness to him.  Love him!  And as hard as it must have been to play guitar in that rain, he did a fabulous job.  The press conference incident was a little bit weird, I admit, but he did a great job where it counted.  I did get amused at the guitar shot.  If you don't know what I mean, read this.

To keep up my spirits, I'll focus on the fact that pitchers and catchers report on Valentine's Day.  Baseball season will be here before you know it.  I'm really excited about this coming season.  There have been a lot of long overdue changes and hopefully they will bring positive results.  Lou Piniella, let's see what you've got!

In other news, it's colder than a, well, I'm not sure what you could compare it to but it's brutal.  It was so cold today that school was actually canceled.  Man, it's going to feel like a heat wave when it gets back to double digits.

That's all I've got for today.  Hope you are staying warm in your part of the world.

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February 02, 2007

Could I Talk About ANYTHING ELSE?

Um, no.  I can't, sorry.  Unless you want to see our weather forecast, because that's pretty funny.  Here it is:

Day: Mostly cloudy and frigid with flurries. Winds W to 16 mph. High: 14° Feels like: -7°
Night: Mostly cloudy, brisk and bitterly cold with a couple of flurries. Winds WSW to 15 mph. Low: 4° Feels like: -16°
Day: Mostly cloudy, brisk and bitterly cold with a few flurries. Winds W to 20 mph. High: 10° Feels like: -17°
Night: Mostly cloudy and frigid. Winds W to 11 mph. Low: -4° Feels like: -18°
Sunday (um, yeah, SUPERBOWL SUNDAY) 
Day: Mostly cloudy and very cold. Winds WNW to 13 mph. High: 6° Feels like: -15°
Night: Partly cloudy and bitterly cold. Winds WNW to 14 mph. Low: -8° Feels like: -31°

Ok, that is enough of that fun, eh?  Just a little bit chilly here.

Here is some more Bears stuff for your enjoyment.  Thanks to all my friends for passing all the goodies along.

This one is my favorite.  Completely awesome picture of the skyline.

Bears Skyline 

A Preview of the Superbowl

Bears vs Colts 



Support our Bears!

Bears Support

Here's a link to an interesting song (it will open in a new window). 

One final note: it is AMAZING how many places of business around here are modifying their hours for the game.  Sam's Club is opening early on game day.  So many other places (restaurants, stores, etc) are closing early so they can watch the game.  I think it's great.  After all, why on earth would you be doing something other than watching it???

Go Bears!

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